Monday, June 9, 2008

The Chronicles of Roomia - Update

Here's our progress (I'm blogging this because we actually made progress):

1. Fill in the nail holes on the trim and sand everything down -- CHECK
2. Prime the new textured wall -- CHECK
3. Build the window shelf
4. Wash down the walls -- CHECK
5. Pull out the old closet shelf, fill in holes, sand it down and wash -- CHECK
forgot to add ... Build New Closet Shelves
6. PAINT!!!
7. Install new outlets
8. Pull carpet, and old nails and staples
9. Shine up the hardwood floors
10. Add decorative features (curtains, etc.)
AND ...

Today I found myself doing something I really shouldn't be doing ... peeking at a Pottery Barn catalog ... and found this room! It looks like something I will have to think about for future decorating ideas (near future, I hope). I love the quilt - I think I could make something similar to that with a little luck. Now, if I could only find that wallpaper - HOW CUTE! Even Bert likes it!

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Amber said...

Progress, how exciting! I love checking things off the "to do" list!