Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday is something I have been doing for the kids since September 2008! Once I came across the idea I was hooked and had to do them for the kids as often as possible.

You can be link to ALL of my Muffin Tin Monday creations HERE.

You can read about why I love doing them HERE.

I like to go all out for Halloween - check them out HERE.

I also had one tin get a little bit of linkage ... it was in honor of the 2009 elections ... see it HERE.

I have also been working on Muffin Tin Meals for the 50 states - click HERE to see the ones we've done (as it's still a work in progress)

And these are just a few of my personal favorites:
Goodnight Moon
Charlotte's Web
Jacob's Gift
Dr. Suess
Back to School
Matching Game
Trading Game
Ladybug Picnic
President's Day
King Arthur