Monday, September 8, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday - Children's Literature

Ohhhh - this was so fun. The theme for Sycamore Stirrings Muffin Tin Monday was Children's Literature and I chose The Boy's favorite book: Goodnight Moon. So, we had: A red balloon (cherry tomato), three little bears sitting on chairs (teddy grahams on cheese chairs), a moon (crescent roll), 2 little kittens (cat shaped sandwiches), a pair of mittens (apple slices), a comb and a brush (carrots), a bowl full of mush (cottage cheese), and some stars (star shaped fruit snacks).

We read the book and found all the items as we went through the story - he kept laughing at my interpretations of certain objects - but I think he liked it. He ate most of it!


Becky said...

Way cute! We did this challenge also, and had so much fun. I didn't realize how many children books over the years I have grown to love.

katy said...

those mitten shaped apples are toooo much! so cute! Thanks for participating. this has been the best challenge yet!!

Ashley said...

I love all your creativity! Carrots and cheese chairs! Too much. :)

Dee Light said...

What wondeful ideas!!

Bobbie said...

those mittens are gorgeous!!! and cheese chairs!! amazing!