Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Joining the Procrastination Challenge

I saw this on Kirsten's Blog and had to join in - I have so many projects that I keep avoiding due to "more pressing" matters. So, I am taking one of those projects and moving it to the forefront. A few months ago I was with the kids at the fabric store buying fabric for an apron swap I was in and the girls said they wanted aprons, too. So we picked out their fabric and here it is, a few months later. I need to do this for them and for me - so I am joining the:

Wish me luck!


Amber said...

I am in the challenge also!! Good luck!! I felt so much better after doing my projects that I have put off forever! I do have a few more lined up for this month. We'll see if I follow through!!

Jill Scott said...

What a great challenge idea. Have fun with it.