Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Birthday EVER!!!

Surprise, Surprise! I have always been one to NOT go for surprises. Once I know that something is in the works - I do what I have to do to find out all the details. I knew most of the hiding places my mom had when I was a kid (yes, I was terribly snoopy and nosey - my poor mom). If my husband makes mention of anything, I hound him until I know every detail. So, imagine my surprise when I found out my family pulled one over on me, and on my birthday!

My sister has been living in Australia for over a year now and was scheduled to come home for a big work convention. She was going to arrive Saturday afternoon, August 23, which was really sad because our beloved little "nephew" is getting married that day and she was not going to make it in time for the wedding. But she had made her flight arrangments months in advance and said that she could not change them.

So, we were planning on inviting her over on Sunday night for a little cake and ice cream, and a belated birthday. In the meantime, my folks offered to take us all out to dinner on my birthday. So, I hurried to the restaurant without Bert, because he was late and met my folks there. I left a message for Bert to meet us there as soon as he was able. As we sat in the restaurant waiting for Bert to join us, I had no idea what these people had planned. Soon, I hear Thing 1 pipe up that she sees Daddy. And then she pipes up even louder that she sees Aunt Debbie! Wow! I was so excited. They had planned a very great surprise for me and it was FUN! They had been planning this one out for months - and as I look back (and with their help), I see several times where little clues were let out by mistake, but in my present state of extreme lack of sleep, they pulled it off without even a suspicion on my part. I guess surprises really can be fun.

Thank you family for a wonderful birthday, a wonderful surprise, and wonderful company - it was a very fun day, and I loved everything!

Debbie being greeted by her adoring nieces and nephew.

Me holding the cute necklace she gave me for my b-day - THANKS!

Aunt Debbie meets The King for the first time - she seems to like him very much!

The whole group of us at the steak house - YUM! Thanks Folks for the wonderful evening, thanks grown-ups for the wonderful surprise (no, the kids weren't in on the big surprise), thanks Bert for the sweet presents and thanks everyone for the fabulous day. I guess I'll keep having birthdays if they are all this fun!

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The Uzelac's said...

Oh I love that story!!! good job family! Happy birthday sis. I know that i don't often take the chance to tell you but I love you and I'm so glad that you're in our little clan. Hey and as a side note, Brady was fantatstic last night! His band Rocks!