Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aprons and Thank Yous!

Finally - I have completed two projects that I have really needed to do. And I am entering them in the Procrastination Challenge!

I made the aprons that we bought fabric for a few months ago - the girls like them, but please don't look too close:

Then, (this one is a little embarrassing) I finally wrote, mailed or delivered the thank you notes for all the lovely gifts and services offered when The King was born. So even though he is 2 and half months old - I guess it's better late than never. We were just so thankful for all the nice things that were done for us, we couldn't let them go un"thanked"! So glad to have taken care of this! (And thanks everyone for everything!!!!)


Tabitha Blue said...

What cute thank you cards! Great idea with the footprint!

cheraf said...

You are so good! Those aprons are way cute.

Amber said...

I loved Russ' little foot on the note, it was kind of like he signed it himself!

HDMac said...

Great job!!!!! Clever!!!!