Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

When I was in college, it seemed that every time I called home and spoke with my stepdad Jerry, I got the same response to my question of how things were with them, "Uneventful." That was a good response for him, things were happy and quiet in their lives and that summed it all up. Well, this weekend was a great weekend, but by not means uneventful. It was full of all sorts of goings on and for us, and for us, these events have been great, oh, except for the very first one.

Things started bright and early Friday morning (we are counting Friday as part of the weekend because the kids did not have school - long weekend - wahoo), around 2:30 am to be more precise. The King was really fussy and not doing well. So I sat with him and tried my best to soothe him, but he was miserable. He had caught my cold and was a little stuffed up, but his pain seemed to be beyond a little cold. So, when we all got up and going in the morning - might I add it is now officially Thing 1's birthday - I called the doctor and got an appointment.

Sure enough - Ear Infection - I've never had a little one get sick so soon - he's not quite 3 months old. My heart broke for him, but he is on the mend.
When we got home from the doctor, (just so you know, Grandma G stopped by and watched the kids so that they didn't have to go to the doctor - they had fun playing in the dirt and riding bikes - aren't grandma's great? and, of course, I didn't have my camera handy right then) we had our Muffin Tin Lunch. Thing 1 found out I was doing these for The Boy and wanted in on it - what a great day to do one for her - no school and it's her birthday. She definitely deserves it. So, we had our yummy Shape-themed lunch.

Then Nana stopped by to take Thing 1 out for a little birthday shopping - to the craft store, of course. While they were gone I realized I probably should have had a little talk to encourage her to not be greedy. Low and behold, she was very mindful all on her very own to not try to buy everything in the store. I am so proud of her. (Unfortunately, I deleted the picture of her with Nana where she actually kept her eyes open - so you get to see the Thing 1 Flinch.)

That night we had leftovers for dinner. Thing 1 was not too excited about that, but I reminded her we had the fun lunch, mommy was going on just a few hours of sleep, holding a fussy baby most of the day AND trying to get everything ready for her big birthday blowout bash tomorrow. That seemed to work and you can see all smiles during dinner.

Except from The King.

After dinner she opened the presents we had for her, we sang and hugged and kissed lots and she went off to play with the new goods. At precisely 8:35 pm, we had the "You are OFFICIALLY 8 years old as of this very moment" photo-op! She seems to be busy playing with the toys she just opened, but humored me enough for a quick pose.

Finally Saturday arrived. It was a beautiful bright, sunny, warm day that started out with a little visit from a new friend.

We were excited for Saturday because it was party time! Thing 1 started off at a party for her friend Hunter. They had a great time, but I forgot to snap a photo when I picked her up - oh well! Then it was time to run off to her great-grandpa Simmond's property to set up her party.

We started off with frisbee golf in the field.

Then gathering rocks and things for later. Isn't it great that kids can be so entertained by just handing them a brown paper bag and telling them they can put whatever they want in it? I love kids!
Bert talked to the kids about fossils for a bit (that's him all Indiana Jonesed out). We had them go dig for trilobites that Bert hid for them in some dirt mounds. When they had each found a trilobite fossil, they took them to our party central and we played with plaster of paris and all the things they gathered in their bags. We were pretty messy by now.

Then it was time for the cake. We kept it simple - since Thing 1 wanted an Archeologist Birthday Party, we decided to make a game out of the cake. Thanks to Zeke's memory from 7th grade, we put all sorts of goodies in the cake batter. The kids had to dig through their cupcakes and identify certain things, like raisins, chocolate chips, marshmallows, m&m's, sprees, licorice and candy corns. Can I tell you, those were the most disgusting things on the planet. Somehow, the kids still loved them. They found their items in their cupcakes, got prizes, and then sang Happy Birthday to Thing 1.

Aren't these kids just cute?

She opened her million presents - (now what was that little talk I wanted to have with her about not being greedy?). She thanks her guests, their parents arrived and took them home, and then it was time to clean up and go!

After getting home and getting hosed down (did I mention they were all filthy?), we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They had a little gift for the b-day girl they wanted to share. We had a nice visit, as Grandma is getting ready to go do Operation Smile in Ethiopia - WOW!

Then is was time for bed. We all went to sleep, except for Bert, who was out playing his bass until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning came soon and off to church. Well, how could anything at church be eventful, when your husband is put in the Bishopric, well, to me that seems pretty eventful. So there, only those of you who stuck with me through this incredibly long post will know that Bert is the 2nd Counselor in our ward - WOW! We're still a little dazed about the whole thing but super excited for the great opportunity it will be. And I think I can safely say, "Bye bye Primary" (sniff, sniff) - did I mention I love kids? Not as excited about that part, but that's how life goes - there's always change. And I'm learning to accept that - where's David Bowie right now?

So, my mom served lunch for us all after church (thanks again mom), then we went back to the Church for Bert to be set apart into his new calling. Here he is talking to Brother John - who was released. That part is sad, we just love Brother John, he is a great man. But now maybe we can have Brother John in Primary, since his wife was asked to serve somewhere else. If we can't have one, at least we can have the other! (crossing my fingers)
So, that is our eventful weekend - lovely, exciting, fun and just a little sad (but definitely improving). I'm so glad we have all sorts of fun things to keep us hopping - that's when we're at our best, we are pretty much forced into some form of organization and responsibility - it's a good thing for us.
Now, it really is time to go to bed.


Tia Langston said...

Holy smokes! They didn't release US yet, did they? That would be obnoxious. Congrats to your honey...good luck to you and your family....let me know if you need a sanity break. Jamba Juice is always calling me for a mommy break.

Karlyn said...

I was wondering if he was going to be put in the bishopric after a conversation we had on Saturday night!!

You guys are such great parents, what a fun party.

Emilee said...

wow! i am glad to see grandpa's property is being put to some good use. you are a wonderful mom.

Amber said...

Glad I hung in till the end to catch that one. Wow, I would say that is quite an event! Good luck with all of the changes.

What a fun party! Happy Birthday to Thing 1 one more time!

Chanelle said...

WOW! What a week. Congrats to Bert! And what a wonderful party idea. Sorry we couldn't be there, but so glad that she had an amazing time!