Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - Innocent Celebrity Crushes

I am feeling a little bit silly today and not able to settle into one of my usual Wednesday posts - so I am going somewhere else. Definitely shouldn't bring tears to anyone's eyes. Perhaps a laugh or two, either at me or with me - your pick!!!

(This should go over really well with Bert - hee hee, but, shhhh, don't tell, there's a surprise for him at the end.)

A few weeks ago my friend Karlyn did a post on her celebrity crushes. It happened shortly after she and I had had a little conversation about the very deserving multi-year recipient of the "Sexiest Man Alive", Mr. Depp. Yes, he was on her list (not in the #1 spot - but, to each their own - hee hee) so that is where I will start:

I was just sixteen when "21 Jump Street" began - such pleasant memories. This is one that has just grown sweeter with time ... Edward Scissorhands, Don Juan De Marco, Chocolat (ahhhhhh) and now Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then came Phil - through one of my favorite adventure shows ever (I would say reality, but I hate to lump such a great show into that genre). The way he can walk and talk at the same time is quite a gift!

Then there's Billy - I actually had a crush on a boy in Jr. High because I heard him playing Billy Joel songs on the piano. Seriously! And then there was that guy in college - yeah, really I did.

And George - please don't ask, but he makes politics so palatable.

Oh Rob, You had me at, "Man, it's a hot one"

Did you need to watch the whole music video??? Yeah, me too:

Next we have Curly, the Cowboy (Hugh Jackman isn't so bad, but my crush is really on Curly from Oklahoma) - I have always loved this musical - there is something so enchanting about a singing cowboy.

Ewan, Ewan, Ewan - I already loved him as the dashing Mr. Churchill in Emma - then he played my all time favorite Star Wars character - Obi Wan - could it get better? Of course, along came Big Fish, probably one of the greatest movies made in the 2000's. If you haven't seen it, it really was a life changing (for the better) kind of movie and Ewan was INCREDIBLE. Then he did a documentary on Polar Bears - you even get to see his wife a few times - and she looks like the nicest, most ordinary person in the world. And my sister told me he motorcycled with a friend through Europe, with a beard! Cool (except for the motorcycle part). So down to earth, so real - how does that happen to a movie star?

Yes, Anthony is my favorite Wiggle!

Any P&P fan will have him on their list - no question.

This crush is new, although I think it is more a crush on the character of Detective Bobby Goran, than for the actor, since I don't even know what his name is.

The Champ - I cried, and I was only 7 years old. This is when I first noticed the little pitter patter of my heart - my very first crush. If I would have known then that he would end up marrying and becoming a Mormon, I probably would have joined his fan club. Oh well!

And then there's Bert - he's really my favorite. And he's totally famous - here he is playing at Taylorsville Days. And he's recorded several albums. And, he's been featured on a televised Benefit concert - TWICE!!! Yeah - he's my favorite, not so innocent, celebrity crush!


Chanelle said...

My, oh, my! What a handsome lineup! (though I personally prefer Dave over your Bert ~ ;) ) LOL

Deb F said...

You are crazy! I did laugh, with you! But I love you for it. Just have to add my two cents on Ewan, one of my Favs. He is really the only reason anyone should ever see Moulin Rouge. If he hadn't been in it I would have died of pure boredom without him.

Also, Det. Bobby Goran, for all you Mystic Pizza lovers you know exactly who he is!Vincent D'Onofrio. He was in a few other movies early 90's.

Amber said...

That's pretty funny. I do have a list as well. Only it begins with Brad Pitt, how original don't you think? It all stems from "A River Runs Through It". That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, great to laugh with you!!!! Nice list... I love that your husband is your fav!! Of course, we all need to say that ;)


Tara said...

So fun to read this post!! Love it! I'm with you on most of them...there are a few I'll let you enjoy :O) But I'm big lover of Rob...ah! And Johnny is top too...haven't seen a 21 Jump Street pic in forever!! I have a few of mine own little secret crushes too....

PS! I Got my necklace and i've worn it 3 times already...i'm going to put up a post with my cute little necklace! thank you so much!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

You are so sweet and make my day!!!! :)

Zombette said...

Oh my! We two (you and I) have such similar tastes in 'crushes'.

Tee hee!

This was so much fun!

Karlyn said...

Actually, Johnny is my #1, but I put them in alphabetical order, so I think he shows as 3.

Glad to see that someone else loves curly.....

We just got back last night, so I have a lot of catching up to do.