Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crazy Sock Day!

Yesterday, the girls jumped in the car after school, very excited to tell me that the next day was "Crazy Sock and/or Tie Day". They were buzzing away with ideas and I just had to hear one of them mention POM POMS and I quickly recalled what Michelle from "Her Cup Overfloweth" posted just the other day - crazy googlie socks !

So, we purchased:

Cheap, footless tights

A big bag of pom poms

Some googlie eys

And with the help of a hot glue gun and some paper "stuffing" in the tights, 15 minutes later we had:

I still can't believe my kids were willing to do that, but they were the ones to mention pom-poms! (Is this one of those things they are going to hate me for someday?)


Karlyn said...

You are such a good mom!

Zombette said...

Hate you for? Heck NO! That's so awesome!

You know how old I am (we are) and I would still, to this day, love to be able to say my Mom had been that cool...well, she was cool a few times...but never THAT cool. :-)

Tabitha Blue said...

How great!! And what a fun way to spend crazy sock day... in pompoms! I'm sure they loved it, and they always will :)

Chanelle said...

What fun! I don't think they will hate you but instead always have fond memories!

Elsa Beauty

Michelle Sybert said...

They turned out great! SO cute! thanks for the mention!

cheraf said...

Why would they hate you?! You let them have fun and be creative AND show it all off at school!

Deb F said...

I think I need to make me some of these! Girls can give me their input for how and colors k!