Friday, November 21, 2008

Falling for Fall

A BIG THANKS to Mr. Sun for making a beautiful, warm afternoon, perfect for playing in all the recently fallen leaves!


cheraf said...

How fun and how cute! Don't you just love Fall?

Deb F said...

LOVE IT! The kids look like they had a blast! Although the King looks a little like"um not sure about this stuff around" in the last shot.

Zombette said...

These are SO precious!

I love that last one with all four kids together. You have a talent with a camera!

Have to agree with Deb, the King looks a little...ummm...befuddled.

(Can a baby be befuddled?)

LOL! Say that's funny!

Love yer guts!

Amber said...

Great pictures, how fun. The weather has been incredible!