Saturday, November 8, 2008

From Now On, Anyone Entering Our Home Will Need To Pass Through My New Hired Help First!

And that goes double for you kids (of mine)!
This is why:

Look at those sad, sick little eyes - they make my heart break!

This sweet little ear infected, wheezy kid needs to get better.

He gave us a little scare on Friday night - have you ever seen bloody red stool? It's a bit disturbing, especially when coming from your sweet little 4 month old guy. Alarmed, I started calling everyone I could think of for advice, and after 5 phone calls to moms, pharmacists and an instacare, the general concensus was to get him to the children's hospital ER.
Quickly, we loaded up and made sure the big kids were all taken care of and took The King to the ER.
Guess what - turns out that the antibiotic he is on for his ear infection can have that affect on people. And we found that out from the first nurse we talked to once admitted. Hmmmmm.
But the doctor still checked him out and all is well (thank heavens).
No blood - just icky, red stool.
So, what do you do when you are in the city late on a Friday night with your husband and your not too sick baby?
Stop for ice cream and you instantly have a Date Night!

Ice Cream makes everything better.
(oh, and to my slimmin' simmonds - don't look at the time on the clock)


Julie said...

Oh No Jenny! How scary. You would think you had seen everything with your 4th kid, but apparently not.

I had a similar experience with Savy. She was really sick and had blood in her stool. So I took her in, and the Dr told me ibuprofen makes a lot of little babies and toddlers intestines bleed. So now I only give my kids Tylenol, to avoid the bleeding stomaches!

Deb F said...

Just pack your bags and you and the King come visit me for a few weeks. He will get better I promise!!! :)

Chanelle said...

I'm happy for you that all is well and it turned out ok. Luvs!

Amber said...

I'm so glad the little guys is okay. That would have had me worried as well. Funny how all the answers come POST admission. Oh well, it's always better to get it checked out. There's nothing like peace of mind after a little scare. And ice cream does seem to make it all better!

Andy and Kim said...

I had no idea, I am so sorry! It is not fun being sick and it is even worse having to watch you baby be sick, knowing there is very little you can do. I am sorry!