Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009's Resolutions, Goals, Hopes ...

Today in Church we sang (as I am sure many of you did, too) "Ring Out, Wild Bells" - lyrics are by Alfred Tennyson. That song usually makes me a little sad, but today I must have heard it with new ears. And those things that I heard seemed to sum up exactly what I am hoping to do better in 2009 - the ways I hope to improve.

The third verse of the song goes:

"Ring in the valiant men and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand.
Ring out the darkness of the land;
Ring in the Christ that is to be.
Ring out the darkness of the land;
Ring in the Christ that is to be."

Those were things I was already thinking about for this new year. Specifically:

A Larger Heart


A Kindlier Hand

I just don't have anything near the poetic talent of Tennyson - his words are perfect. Dr. Suess came pretty close when he said that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day!

And that is what I am hoping to personally accomplish this year, a more loving, warm demeanor with people and a kinder touch with those with whom I come in contact.

(now if I can figure out how to add a slimmer waist into that - I'll work on it)


Jen said...

Tennyson might have you on poetic style, but I'm sure you've surpassed him on visual effects.

And good luck with the waist thing - you're in good company.

Deb F said...

That is one of my favorite hymns, I even mentioned it at church myself, I was sad that it hadn't been sung. it is something I look forward to every year.