Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Que Sew-A, Sew-A ... Whatever I See, I Sew ...

When I was just a little girlie -
My mother had a fancy machine
It was the Touch Tronic, 2001,
but the year was 1979.

She had me help her sew a million Rosie's
One year to give to her friends
I must have liked it, cuz' I couldn't stop it
And the projects will never end

When I went off with my new husband
My mom gave me the sewing machine
We had a family, I sewed for the babies
and everything in between.

Que Sew-A, Sew-A
Whatever I see, I sew
Halloween's the most fun, you know
Que Sew-A, Sew-A

And now, I'm an older girlie
And my mother has a new machine
I get her old one, which to me is a new one
The fanciest I've ever seen.

Que Sew-A, Sew-A
Whatever I See, I Sew
New Projects are Ready to Go
Que Sew-A, Sew-A

This is going to be FUN!
♥Thanks MOM!!!♥


Tabitha Blue said...

Ohhhhh!! I want to learn how to sew!!!! Knitting is one of my goals for this year... once that's learned, maybe on to sewing!!! Beautiful projects!!



Tink said...

How awesome and beautiful? Such talent! I luv the look of your blog! So cute!

Tia Langston said...

What in the world! When do you have time to do all this creating? I have to arrange special time just to read your blog...I don't have time to sew...but I should make more time for painting. You're inspiring!

Karlyn said...

Oh.My.Gosh! You are amazing! I have a sewing machine, but that's about it!

Deb F said...

Love the picture of the King in the Santa hat his facial expression is awesome! You inspire us all!