Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Need to Learn Italian ...

(by Betty)
How cute is this salad??? (ok ... rhetorical question ...)

I have just found a darling website that has some incredible ideas for making things for kids ... only problem for me is that it is all in Italian.

My spanish skills are helping me figure out a few things, but, really, just a few.

Fortunately, she has great photos ... and a picture is worth a lot more than 1000 words to me if the words are in Italian. The Mom of this site is Mamma Felice and I found her because she linked to several of us Muffin Tin Mamas (I am so glad she did because there are some fantastic ideas here!!!) . As I looked through the post I found some really cute things, here are some (click on the photo to go to their "recipe"):
These are from a lady called Natalia (her site)

And here are a few ideas from Mamma Felice herself:


Briony said...

oh my goodness that cake is awesome! my gramma was a cake decorator and she would make me things like this every year.

Kim said...

Jenny! I LOVE your blog. It is so fun and entertaining and you have so many good ideas. I love all the pics of your kids too...seriously you are such a great mom!

Briony said...

haha i hope you and your hubs have a fantastic friday!

mammafelice said...

Hi Jenny, thank you very much!
I'm thinking to translate some of my posts in english (and also in spanish).
If there is an article that you like, I can begin and translate it.
Perhaps you can help me if I send you the draft, when I make some mistake.