Friday, February 20, 2009

We had to have the first part of "THE Talk"

Yesterday I made a slight error. I was sucked into watching Dr. Phil because it was all about the Octoplut situation, and the kids watched part of it with me. Oops ...

So far, our kids have had the understanding the babies come to mommies and daddies, and that you need a mommy and a daddy to make babies - my kids are still young and innocent and we haven't needed to go beyond that, until yesterday.

Thing 1 was very concerned about there not being a daddy for all these babies. She wondered how that could happen, asking, "Did he die in a car crash?"
So, I started to explain to her about eggs being in a woman and that now, through certain medical procedures, a baby can be made without a daddy. They all kind of "eeewwwww"ed me when I talked about baby eggs being inside every woman, especially when I pointed out that those eggs were inside of them right now. Yep, they got a little squirmy.

Then I explained that we would have a class about this in school when they were in 5th grade, and that met with even more "eeeewwwwwws" until they were relieved to hear that the boys would not be there.

Anyhow, they are starting to think about this stuff now, and I guess I better figure out how I am going to handle the teaching of this when we have to get to explain "The Whole Enchilada". I would prefer to cover a lot of this before their maturation program, I guess I just want them to learn it from Bert and I.

However, based on the Barbie situation I found in their room recently, I'm thinking that day is coming sooner than later!


Any pointers?


Shimmy Mom said...

We just take it one step at a time too. I've taken on the, answer the question they ask and no more, approach. Good luck.


Greg and Katie Pettey said...

Ha ha. Love the aliens. Seth loves the scientific/biological side of things. That's how I answer his questions. We had one pop up at Christmas when I had to explain how Mary could have a baby without being married. We haven't talked about doing "it" for other reasons than having a baby. Honestly, I'm just waiting for him to ask, because I'd rather tell him now than later! Let's share notes tonight (unless it will embarrass Whit too much).

Doran & Jody said...

Uhh...good luck.
Welp, gotta go!

Briony said...

oh my goodness i can remember the first time i got the talk...hahaha...i can imagine this is a fun time for you :)

my parents sat me down and explained things to me and then they popped in a video. hahah i remember being embarrassed watching it but it was made for kids and it was very infomative without being too informative.

Chanelle said...

hehe! I don't envy you. Dave had "the talk" with Bridger about a year ago and it went great. There is a whole chapter in the book "And they were not ashamed" about how to tell children and what do tell them at what times. Dave said it helped so much! I'll get to find out what it is like when it is my turn with Aubrin ;)

love ya!

Zombette said...


So much fun for you. Wow! It sounds like you're taking the two-for-one approach as Things 1 and 2 are so close in age.

Don't have any advice to offer you other than the "don'ts" that I could list from my experiences with HarleyMama. Yeah, unfortunately it was left to me at the tender age of oh...I don't remember...about 18 to try to cover that sensitive topic with my sis. There was NO WAY she would have ever asked our mom.

When I was 'of age' the parents gave me a book. When I had a question, my mom said she had to get the shirts out of the dryer before they wrinkled and my dad (different question, different time) pulled out a dictionary. At least HE answered.

Those were the last two questions I ever asked ANY family member on the subject.

*sigh* Best of luck! I do admire your decision that it should come from you and Bert rather than anyone else -- and I agree!

Tink said...

Lol! Sounds like you are on the right direction! Unfortunately, my daughter had to learn all of this at age 3.5 because she was sexually abused by a neighbor and had to relearn all of her sexual boundaries. With my son? The questions didn't start coming until he was around 4th grade. I was very frank with him and had a very frank talk. I think he appreciated it. Good luck with the *birds and the bees*!