Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Love Wednesday - Jerry

I have a lot to share about my wonderful Step-Dad Jerry - it has truly been a blessing to have him in our lives and I need to let you all know a few things about this great man.
First of all - the photo - This is Jerry (on the right) taking his good friends from Singapore to the Utah State Capitol to meet our governor (second from left). The reason my mom is not in the photo is because she was rushing to get to the hospital while I was birthing The King, yes, at that very moment!!!
Anyhow, back to Jerry, he volunteers as a docent at the capitol, which made for the easy access to our governor. His friends were very happy to meet the governor, and he them, and Jerry was very happy to be the middle man to all of that.
Jerry is a hard working man, up at the crack of dawn and working on whatever projects await, after getting in his exercise.
He has been a friend to our family for years, he and his first wife were my Primary Teachers. Then he served many years as our home teacher.
His first wife passed away from a horrible brain tumor not long after my father died from the effects of his disease. He and my mom found comfort in each other.
He welcomed us into his home (I was a senior in High School - the youngest of all the children combined) and he put up with my antics - his kids were all up and married and he took in a teenage girl - poor man! :)
He is a clean, organized individual who has been very willing to share those skills and talents with me, who is not so clean and organized.
He had to travel extensively with his work, often he left on a Monday and returned on a Friday. It was a tough schedule for him, but he did it to support his family.
He has generously used his frequent flyer points he earned from his travels to take the entire family on wonderful vacations to Florida and St. Thomas.
He and my mom have also taken wonderful vacations to China, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Russia, they have even been to Egypt and Brazil. So, they have hit every continent except Antarctica - probably not going to happen, but you never know!
They were "groupies" for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and followed them on the their tour of Russia and Europe.
He lived in Alaska during the HUGE earthquake and survived - and has great stories to tell about it (and some incredible photos, too).
He has been a sweet grandpa to my kids. He will get them up and running while they are still babes. He throws them high into the air while I cringe in the corner, but they squeal with delight.
He is a spiritual man, he and my mom have served several missions together, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, reaching out to and loving many along the way.
He is connected to his past and has a great love and respect for his ancestors.
He is a kind man, who loves his family and would do anything he could for them.
There are so many things to love about this man, more than I can list. But what I love most about him is that he has become a wonderful companion for my mom, there is love and respect and kindness between them that is beautiful and comforting to see. To know that my mom is not alone, but is in a loving relationship is a great gift to me.
Thank you for everything Jerry - I am so glad to have become family!


Amy said...

What a great tribute to a great man! I feel so much the same way about My dad's companion! Isn't it nice to know they are taken care of!

Julie said...

Ohh, It is great to hear about a good man. Your family sounds wonderful.

Deb F said...

Hard to believe that in July it will have been twenty years. Twenty great years, and to add to what Jen has said, I am grateful everyday that they have each other, and we have them both. Plus, it has been great to watch the Boy be Papa's shadow.