Saturday, March 21, 2009

70 Years Ago Today ...

... in a farmhouse in Northern Utah,
a wonderful person was born!
He lived on a farm when he was young, with his mom, dad and two older brothers.

He's my Dad!

One of his favorite accomplishments of his youth was when his Church Basketball team won the state title.

He grew up, went to the university and became an Electrical Engineer.

He loved his cars, especially his little Triumph.

He loved his wife (even when she wrecked his Triumph).

He loved his kids! He was famous for his whisker burns, antics with Charlie the cat, goulash (called Cowboy's Delight) and singing 16 Tons, just to name a few!

It's hard to believe that he would be 70 today!
Happy Birthday Dad!


We are THAT Family said...

Wow! What an awesome tribute. I love those b/w photos! Happy B-day!

Zombette said...

Oh Jenny! I loved your dad so much! (Even though he called me "hitler" and I never did know/understand why. ?!?)

It's hard for me to believe he would be 70 today (or, yesterday... it's just past midnight now), too.

I remember he was funny, witty, his antics with Charlie, too... and lots of other stories that are too long to type out here.

I can see a lot of your brother in the close-up younger picture of your dad -- Wow!

Happy Birthday, Jenny's Dad!

Deb F said...

Jen this is great, thanks for the post. Our Dad was great, and I really do see a lot of Dad in the King. Maybe I am crazy, but who knows!

Love ya