Monday, March 16, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - It's Not Easy Being Green!

Really, it wasn't easy being green, today! As you can see, I had to cheat on one of the cups. I really couldn't find anything else green in my home. I had made a big green salad yesterday, then left it at my moms after dinner. Oops! Anyhow, our mostly green lunch consisted of green milk, edamame, kiwi, peas, froggy faced sugar cookie AND some leftover pizza.

Good news: The boy is quite pleased and not too worried about the pizza.

And although a muffin tin lunch was not posted last Monday, thanks to a FABULOUS Aunt, The Boy still had a muffin tin lunch. We were going to do it all together, but instead I was still in the hospital with the baby. Thankfully ... all is well and the baby has recovered.

Here was his lunch last week:

Good Job Aunt Debbie - You Rock!

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Michelle Sybert said...

I LOVE that froggy face! So cute!

libby said...

Love the cookie and the music :-).


Briony said...

as always i love this! it is so fun...and the face is awesome :)

susette said...

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