Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Wonderful Years ... 10 Cars!

Fortunately for me, Bert does not go through women like he does cars! In our 10 years of marriage we have been the joint owners of 10 cars, yes, 10 cars ... here's a little tribute to them!
I came into the marriage with Little Red ... she was my favorite. I had her before I even met Bert! And this post is RED just for her, wherever you are little darling.

Bert came with "Vanny", he had removed the bench seats and it was the perfect vehicle to transport an upright bass and all the necesary gear for a jazz gig. I remember the night "Vanny" was stolen, we were lucky to get it back without any damage ... poor "Vanny" ... so violated!

When we were about to have our first baby I decided that I wanted a four door so that I wouldn't be trying to load a baby seat in and out through the front seat. We found this Green Subaru and liked it for all of 2 days! After replacing the cracked heads, we realized that we were not attached in the least to this car and found it a new home right away.

This was our new wagon ... probably our favorite car we have ever purchased (on Ebay ... can you believe it?). Sigh ... she rests in peace now (totalled ... sniff, sniff) ... but look at her in her glory days, white, shiny, the queen bee of the road. She was a smooth, quiet ride (even Zombette was impressed ... thanks again for driving with us that one day), oh how she is missed.

When "Vanny" kicked the bucket, we were able to pick up a little Chevy Cavalier that looked a lot like this one (can't believe I don't have photos of some of these cars we owned). Bert could fit his upright bass and other gear in this car, so we kept it for a while.

We kept it until I decided that with three kids it was time for the minivan. We found the exact one we wanted, brought it home and it is still going strong today. YAY! You might not have a name little blue van, but we love you.

After we lost our beloved Camry Wagon, life has just not been the same. We owned this Honda Accord for three days ... the bass couldn't fit.

We owned a Mistubishi Diamante Wagon (like this one, but not actually this one) for about a month, the bass fit, but it didn't run so well after it got smashed into one day.

And then there was this (but not this exact one) cute, sporty little Chevy Cobalt. It was a zippy little car, but again, not a friend to the bass. So, it found a new home and now we have:

A little Honda Accord wagon just like the one pictured. And this will probably be finding a new home, too. Bert just hasn't been able to bond with it. The bass fits just fine, but it just doesn't have that ... ummm ... how would you say it ... je ne sais quoi???
So, we are currently in search of vehicle #11.
Anyone know of a Toyota Camry Wagon for sale?
We are HUGE fans!
And just a little aside ... don't even ask me to go through all the cars Bert has owned. I would only add one more car to my list, but I think I could add about 15 cars to Bert's ... maybe someday all of the cars he has owned will get a tribute. He keeps asking me to make a scrapbook of them all. Iguess that way I would finally get it all straight, hmmm, the Torino, the Mustang, the Gremlin, the Datsun ... and so many more!


Greg and Katie Pettey said...

Fun! I started a scrapbook of all our cars, but I lost track. I need to get it out and do this, too. Greg would also have a few more than me! I hope you find the car of Brady's dreams!

K said...

I am so impressed you have photos of all your cars. Seriously, I've never thought about taking photos of mine. I really only have three anyway, so maybe that's why:) BTW, I remember Little Red with fond memories also.

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Congrats on your anniversary. We've been married 3 years and have used 3 different cars (actually 4...but a work van doesn't count does it? it wasn't really "ours"). I hope we don't get to 10 in 10...that would exhaust me to do that.

Deb F said...

Is it really only ten cars?? Or did you run out of fingers?? Love the blogs this week Jen.