Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundae, Bunny Sundae

I have been so busy documenting our trip to Arizona, that I haven't even made it to Easter. So, here is all of our Easter fun in one easy, sweet, little post ... Enjoy!

So, here is a quick shot of the kids on Easter morning, I took it while they were still fresh and clean, my how that changes as the day goes on.

Later that day we tried to get an outdoor shot on the lawn with their easter baskets ... you can see The King was not very happy about that. But, if you look closely you can see our little Hyacinths poking out ... they are my favorites ... I am so glad they are here!

We ended up stopping at a neighbor's house that evening, they are moving and we wanted to say goodbye. The kids were so excited to see a real rabbit on Easter and The King even seemed to be influenced by the bunny ...

... and he has started crawling this week! Wahoo!

Did you want to see him crawl? Of course you did, just click play:

Monday we had a little Easter Egg hunt with the cousins ... Grandma G set it up at her parents' property. I don't know how much longer the property will be in the family, so it was so good to let the kids go up there and play.

I can't believe The King let me put these on him ... cute, eh?

Thing 2 scored some serious eggs.

Thing 1 loved her frog!

And The Boy was all over that Spiderman kite ... so we were off to the field to fly!

We were lucky to have some good little gusts of wind and The Boy got his kite flying ... he was so excited!

Thing 2 had her kite flying very well, but I never did get a good photo of it ... darn!

And Thing 1 was all over the field with her kite, she kept getting into crashes with other kites ... her kite ended up being a total loss by the end of the event.

That's how it goes!

I am sure we pick up a few more kites soon, it's pretty cheap entertainment, doesn't get much better than that.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, we sure did.

I am going to start with what I think will be a new tradition for us: Bunny Sundaes. These were so well received that they were devoured almost immediately upon being served. I think since I now bribe my children with ice cream on Sunday, we might have to make Bunny Sundaes often. (And with all that fresh fruit you can't feel too guilty about it, right???)


Zombette said...

Aaaaah... Kites! One of my favorite memories of childhood. I still get a *tingly/giddy* feeling when I see kids flying them -- even kids I don't know. :-) The photos of YOUR kids are too precious. That made me SOOOOOO happy. Thanks!!!

Love yer guts!

Mother Goose said...

this post was awesome and full of goodness