Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feelin' Like a Grrreaaaaatt Mom!

You know all those happy, fuzzy, feel good moments you get as a mom?
The one's that bring joy and contentment and confirm the fact that you are in the right place, doing the right thing?
Like when you get home from a night out and your little boy hugs you and says he was sad. And when you ask him why, he replies, "Because you didn't be here."
Or when your beautiful daughter cleans up a room you didn't even ask her clean up or your other lovely daughter watches over her baby brother and plays with him often.
And then there's that baby, he just has to cuddle into me and I feel all the warm happy mommy fuzzies I need for a lifetime!

You know all that good stuff! Right?

That can all go away in one split second, all it takes is one look at this (warning, completely disgusting photo follows):

And you realize that you are the Worst Mommy Ever!

Yep, I'm feelin' RREEEEEAAAAAALL Good!

Jeepers ... no more candy at our house!

Well ... at least for the next week!

And that Tooth Fairy better come up with something good for that sweet little girl that had that yanked out today - OUCH!


Julie said...

that is crazy! I guess i better have my kids brush their teeth more than once a week. I too am a Great mom.

Anonymous said...

Mine have had problems dispite brushing eveyday. My 14 year old I try not to think about how messy her mouth is.

Your a great MOM!!!

Karlyn said...

OH MY GOSH! I seriously got the chills. Sorry.

Is that for real? Exactly which tooth is that?

Piper has really bad teeth, is this what I have to look forward to?