Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Little Math

1 Intestinal Bug +

2 adorable little boys =

3 Days
of more laundry than I can bring myself to think of! {{shudder}}

I was all set to share some really sweet thoughts about how much I have enjoyed just cuddling my sweet, sick little boys. They are always so busy that it isn't easy to get them to settle down, so this has been a different pace for us over the past few days. They have been so wonderful, and I have really tried to sit back and relish these moments ...

But, by 4 o'clock this afternoon, after another emergency bath and mopping of the kitchen floor, well, it's just not in me anymore!

I'm pooped!

Intestinal Bugs stink ... LITERALLY!
(as does my house, my hair, my carpet, etc.)

I'll have to look for other means to get some cuddle time ... there's got to be a better way.
And thank your lucky stars that they haven't invented "Smell-O-Vision" yet!!!
Just so you know!

However, in sticking around the house taking it easy the past few days (trying not to expose the world to whatever we are carrying) we've had time to work on this:

WOO WOO - Go King Go!


Briony said...

oh yuck...being sick is no fun! i hope the bug passes quickly.

go king...haha that is awesome!

Xazmin said...

I'm so sorry for the sickness!

Adorable walking video though! So cute!

Scott and Sara said...

I hope everyone will start feeling better soon!
Yay for walking! I want it to happen so bad, but know it will make a whole new kind of busy for me!

Tink said...

Oh MY! I'm so sorry to hear this! And so sorry that you've had all of that bug going around. I bet that truly sucks! This video of King walking is adorable! Go King Go!