Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I Love Wednesday - My Mother-in-Law

I haven't shared much about love lately ... we've been in a bit of a construction mess, Bert's been gone a lot and I've kind of been running on empty! But I couldn't let today go without letting the world know of the love I have in my heart for my mother-in-law, Julie!

This is one of my favorite photos of her, taken when she was the queen of something back in her college days. Not only is she just so lovely, but in this photo she is dancing with her dad! She was always such a good daughter, so thoughtful and caring, especially in their declining years. I think this just emulates who she is better than any other photo I have seen of her!

Except of course the photos of her with her Grandchildren. Julie is such a nurturer that being a grandma is the most wonderful and natural thing in the world to her. Her grandbabies love her to pieces and they know how much she loves them.

A few years ago, she gave me this wacky picture made by a lady that her sister works with. I loved it right away, but it wasn't until I read the back that I decided this would become one of my more cherished items. This is why:

Sorry about the copyright Suzy T. ! Please don't get too upset with me for scanning this and putting it on the internet, (I made sure I used a lower resolution on the scan ... okay? ... and it's even crooked - oops!)

Anyhow, I just have to say that I totally lucked out in the Mother-in-Law category. Julie has been so good to not get overly involved in our lives and to just let us be who we are. Bert cares very dearly for his mom and is a very good son in such a way that never demeans or takes away from our relationship. And Julie is so supportive of the things that Bert does, but never in an interfering way. She never even seems to worry about if I am feeding her son or taking good care of him, I've heard some stories from others and I feel very blessed to have such a great relationship with my Mother-in-Law.

So what are the things I love about Julie?

I love her nurturing spirit.
I love her talents, she sings and plays the piano and writes songs.
I love her silliness.
I love her desire to learn and grow.
I love her corn puffs (and curse them - I can't stop eating them when she makes them).
I love that she put a playground toy in her new basement.
I love to hear her silly stories with her wacky sister - they have too much fun together.
I love her devotion to her parents.
I love the kindness and love she has given to me.

Now, I do have to tease a little bit, because this is one of the things I love about her. Julie has been wanting to get into a home for a while now, it's all she has talked about for a few years. Finally she dove in and bought a lovely condo, but she can't decide if she really loves it or not. She bought some new furniture for it and still, to this day (it's been a few months now), the tags are still on the furniture. She just can't quite decide if she really wants to stay there. Personally, I love her place and hope she will feel comfortable there soon.

Today my heart is especially tender for Julie. Yesterday she had surgery to remove some cancer from her breast. It has been a crazy few weeks for her, being diagnosed with breast cancer while trying to get her parents' estate settled and move into her new home and while two of her own daughters are moving. But, she has taken it on. She is recovering and the next few days will tell what lies ahead as far as her treatment now. I am so proud of her for not curling herself into a little ball and rolling away from this (as I think she kind of wished to do this at first - who wouldn't?). I am grateful she is sticking around for us and for our kids and for everyone out there who loves her.

I hope she knows how many people out there love her and respect her and look up to her.

Thanks Julie for being a fantastic Mother-in-Law, I couldn't have asked for a better one!


Briony said...

this is so sweet! what a blessing :)

Karlyn said...

I couldn't read this post without getting all teary eyed. Actually, I down right cried. (I'm a nerd that way)
Ever since I can remember (and that's a long time) I have looked up to Julie. She is just one of those know the kind. She is such a fabulous mom. She is so Selfless, so giving, so nurturing and you can tell just by looking at her that she is so spiritual. she always had a knack for bringing the spirit wherever went. Whether it be Girls camp or Visiting Teaching.

I can only imagine that she is a fantastic MIL.

Ever since I read Katie's blog about the Breast Cancer she and the family have been in our prayers.

Jenny, this was a great post!

Tink said...

What a beautiful and wonderful tribute to your MIL. I wish I had one. My MIL had Alzheimer's and was in a care facility when my husband and I married. She has since passed away. Perhaps after this life we will have a great hugging/chatting session and catch up on all that we missed out on!