Thursday, September 10, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Baby?

I am wondering where he went?

This is what he looks like: Big Beautiful Blue Eyes ... Happy Little Smile ... Tough Birthmark Under His Left Eye ... and Hair Constantly Getting in His Eyes.

There is this little guy at our home now, he looks a lot like my baby, even acts and sounds like my baby, but something his missing ...

Big Blue Eyes ... Check

Happy Little Smile ... Check!

Birthmark ... Check!

Wait!!! That's it ... There's no hair getting in his eyes!
What happened?
Where are those beautiful locks of hair that encouraged
complete strangers in the grocery store to call him a girl, which,
in turn, encouraged Mommy to get him to the nearest hair cutter?
(silly people)
Hmmmm ... now that you have all that, if you see my baby, let me know, okay?


Tia Langston said...

*sigh* My sweet baby's girl's first birthday is next month....and...I think...she kinda needs a trim too. *sobbing*

Scott and Sara said...

It looks sooo good!!! I love it!
Tia, thats a fun thing! Cam has had 2 already and his hair has come in so much thicker and cuter...if that's possible ; )

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the new "do" :)

Tracey said...

So cute! He looks so grown up now:) Alexis' hair seems to only grow in the back, so for the time being, she's sporting a lovely mullet.

linsey said...

so handsome! i love it!