Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muffin Tin "Tuesday" - All About The Boy

We're a little late, but we couldn't skip ... this is just too much fun! Today we are celebrating The Boy ... and everything he is about! He loves Star Wars (and Light Sabers - and the color orange), Broccoli, Chocolate Milk, Alligators (yes, that's an alligator - NOT a squirrel), Two Jello "J"s (in green - his favorite color) and Lego Swaniches (he LOVES his Legos).

The Highlights:

Orange Light Sabers

Lego Swaniches

2 Green Jello "J"s

And just a little reminder of his extreme awesome-ness!!!

Oh ... I just LOVE my boy ... he's too much fun!
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Lara said...

You are so creative!

I need to get me some cute (small) muffin tins. Because if I do this, I will have to think of 12 things...and I really want to do it!

Karlyn said...

You are such a good mom.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

You're so awesome! That is the best meal ever! I may have to steal some of your ideas for a later MTM. :) Great job!


Michelle said...

That is just awesome!!!

Jessica and Tim said...

Do you ever get tired after Monday dinners? I just feel exhausted thinking about all the work you went to. However, I am pregnant and I'm always exhausted. Maybe I'm not the right judge of this kind of thing. Ha ha.

Doran & Jody said...

Love it, LOVE IT!!
Can I come eat at yous house?

I love your mask pictures!

Jenny said...

very creative, bet they even eat it. I have some picky eaters that might find this fun.