Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tale of Broken Hearts

Unfortunately, it has happened ... our good health could only hold out so long! Thing 1 has something, this something involves a high fever, cough and sniffles. So, she has been confined to her room, along with a DVD player, her favorite movies, lots of comfy blankets, Sierra Mist, tissues and a cold wash cloth.

Hopefully she can kick this soon, and hopefully this won't hit all of us (we're handwashing like crazy around here).

What does this have to do with broken hearts? Well ... today Thing 1 was supposed to go to a birthday party at the Zoo! I can tell you she would much rather be there than in bed watching movies and sipping soda. She keeps asking me if her fever is down so that she can go. I keep telling her, no matter what she will not going, as we will be abiding by the 24 hours after the fever guideline! Needless to say, she is pretty bummed.

It gets worse here ... the girl having the party doesn't have many friends. I don't even know if anyone else was going to go. So I dreaded having to call and let them know how sick Thing 1 was and that she would not be attending. However, I had to do it, and I did. And I am pretty sure by the time I got off the phone, the little girl was crying!

        I feel like the meanest person on earth.

                       I made a 9-year-old girl cry today!

                                    And she's not even related to me!

                                                    I think I just might go bury my head in the sand!


Amy said...

That is such a tough thing to do...Sounds like thing 1 might have may want to get her checked out.

Good luck...hope you all stay healthy!

Katie Pettey said...

So sorry! It sure sounds suspicious, or rather, familiar. If it is H1N1, chances are it won't be bad. Michael just came down with it today which means it will have been through all of my boys now, despite going through a gallon of sanitizer this week. I'm kind of relieved! Prepare to bunker down for a while. Even after the fever went away, my boys' coughs and sniffles didn't for a few days. At least you have chicken pot pies! Tell Lauren we love her and "this too shall pass."

susette said...

That is one sad story. The mom of the other girl should be very appreciative that you didn't send a sick little girl her way.

Here's wishing you all good health and Thing 1 a speedy recovery!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I had missplaced your URL and now I have you BACK!!!

jenjermad said...

Oh how sad! But if I were the other mom I would be thankful you didn't bring the sickness to me. Good luck and please let me know if you need anything.

Lara said...

Oh, man! That's terribly tragic on both ends.

I hope that your daughter heals quickly and that nobody else gets sick!

K said...

Sorry she is sick. I think it is happening to the best of us these days. Just remember that you would feel worse if someone at the party got sick, especially if they were one of the unlucky few that have to go to the hospital for a visit:( This happened to me before and I had K give as part of his gift a get together for the two of them like miniature golfing. The recipient was thrilled. A gift and an outing. They are resilient. Big hugs.