Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decking the Halls ... or Tree, in our case

It's That Time of Year ... as you know,
and to get us in the spirit of things, we made ornaments for our Christmas Tree!

The beauty of this project (other than the actual outcome)
we have everything we needed on hand - YAY!

(I saw this in my Family Fun magazine for this month and adapted it just a wee little bit.)

What you will need:
Toilet paper cardboard rolls
3 pipe cleaners (2 of one color, 1 of a different color)
Hole punch
Glue and Glitter
Q-tips (to apply the glue)

You start with an empty toilet paper roll, on per ornament.
Draw lines dividing it into 8 even (or somewhat even) sections.
Punch holes on each end of each drawn segment.
Then cut the segments off.

String the segmets onto the pipe cleaner that you only have one of.

Run the end of the pipe cleaner back into the first segment and twist it off
INSIDE the segment.

Snip off the ends.
Now, twist your two remaining pipe cleaners together to make one LONG pipe cleaner.

Run this pipe cleaner through the outer holes.

When you have done that, twist off the ends and make a little loop.

Add glue to the edges ...

... and sprinkle on the glitter.
(hint, if you want to make multiple colors, only glue the segments for each specific color at one time)

Let them set for a little while, and ...

... add them to your Christmas Tree!
Very festive for recycled goods, I think!


Lara said...

I think those turned out really cute!

Fresh Mommy said...

VERY, very cute!! What a fun way to decorate. I just love Christmas decorations, we have our up too!!


Doran & Jody said...

SO CUTE!! I think we will have to try them.

Vone said...

Great idea. I'm trying to find a fun craft for my daughters to make for family. I think this might be it. Thanks.