Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Give, oh Give

Last night Thing 1 and Thing 2 asked if they could gather up some
of their toys to donate to a toy drive at their school.
The toys needed to be good ones that were new or could almost pass for it,
as they are meant to be Christmas presents for some other kids.

I told them to go for it, give as much as they wanted ...
So they each filled a plastic shopping bag.
They were thrilled with their finds ... good toys that just aren't being played with anymore.
I, on the other hand, was a little surprised ...
They really picked the good stuff that had sweet memories attached.

Thing 1 picked a hippo that she got from Santa last year after she and her sister

Then, Thing 2 picked the cat she and her wonderful Aunt Debbie made at
Build-a-Bear Workshop a few years ago.

I wanted to say, "Maybe you should think about some of these."
(mostly for my sentimental sake)
Fortunately, some common sense kicked in and instead I just high 5'ed them and said
"Good Job - Those are great gifts!"

And that was that!

Sorry Debbie - she loved the cat, just no longer played with it.
And how great that they picked some nice things and were so generous.

They are such good girls!
(and now their room is just that much tidier - YAY!)


Karlyn said...

Wow! You really are a good mom. I wouldn't have let my kids give those ones away. I admire you for that.

Deb F said...

I am happy they are truly thinking of giving, we have many other memories/stuff beyond the cat that she donated to someone who needs one. Give them both hugs for being such giving individuals!

Jeanette said...

What great kids! I probably would have had the same initial response that you did. But it is so great that they were so willing and eager to donate their toys.

Lara said...

What good girls.

I have a hard time getting rid of the sentimental. Once, I actually did get rid of a bunch and then when I went to DI the next week I saw a lot of it there and almost bought it all back up!

Good for you for encouraging them. You have pictures. The toys have to go sometime.

Katie Pettey said...

I don't think we give our kids enough credit. They are usually much more giving than I would be. I should probably always be in purge mode. "Let it bless the life of someone ELSE!" Happy Holidays!