Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Facebook Year in Review

I finally pushed the button to give this a try. I kept seeing it on my friends' posts, then, kept forgetting to make my own. (and I needed something for a really quick post today so that I could change the music - whew)

Talk about a silly year:

And no, I don't speak Italian, but I appreciate the many, many offers Facebook!


The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

That's a cute idea! Not sure I want to know all of what I posted. :)

Lara said...

I was curious about the Italian, thanks for answering that question before I even asked.

I do speak Romanian, and I had a hard time when I changed FB to Romanian. Just a lot of words I had never really come across as a missionary, I suppose. :)

Emily :) said...

Hahhaha..that is halarious!! I will have to try that. I really enjoy your blog! You are so creative!!! :)