Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Piece of My Heart

is back where it belongs!

(thanks Debbie for the Lego Heart - CUTE!!!!)

Yay, at long last, I found my camera.

But not before missing out on all the Valentine's fun!


Oh well - it's all good.

And since we made some extra valentines (and still haven't passed them out) - at least, I can remember the day we spent making these little guys:

And then yesterday we finally had a Muffin Tin meal for the week (because Monday and Tuesday were very busy days), however, I kind of wish I didn't have my camera - kind of pathetic - and they didn't like the pink grapefruit!

But, things cheered up when a cute little pig came to visit.

And he had some friends (thanks to Family Fun for the darling idea) - who we quickly shared with our friends. Seriously - how can I even try to drop some poundage with a whole batch of these sitting on my counter???

(note: the snout is made with a giant marshmallow, cut in half ...
I dipped the non-cut side in water and then in pink sugar and let them dry before using them ...
 and the ears are pink candy melts - spread out kind of thin and once they set I broke them into triangular pieces,
but you could use pink starbursts, or gum or anything ...
 I just wanted to use something that my sweet brace-face could eat)

Anyhow, I feel slightly more functional again.



Doran & Jody said...

Yeah!!! Pictures!!!
Those pigs are so cute! What are the noses made of? And did you cut gum for the ears?

K said...

Love those cupcakes! Darling valentines too. You've been busy as usual crating all things cute:)

Emily :) said...

I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU FOUND THE CAMERA!! What absolutely adorable cupcakes..I will definitely have to make those sometime soon!! And the Valentines are super cute as well! How fun!! :)

Tracey said...

Um...those cupcakes are the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Jenny said...

The piggy cup cakes are so cute and such a great idea.