Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em ...

Go Make Snow Angels!!!

Yes, here's our Spring Break - I was kind of bummed about it yesterday. Today, however, it's colder and we're covered in a good 6 inches of freshly fallen snow, and I am seeing the humor in it - kind of!

We sent the Boy off to preschool, he brought his sister's Snow Dog for show and tell.

Of course, we enjoyed the pretty sights from the warmth of our car.

Saw some cute little birds along the way

And, of course, there were some horses

Laughed at how much snow was on the cars around us ... not mocking, just laughing!!!

I talked the girls into making snow angels, promising hot chocolate as soon as they were done - note, Thing 2 does NOT have socks on (I'm such a good mom).

They didn't last long, either! But they did it - such good sports!

And the King just wandered around in his bunting ...

And he didn't even protest when I told him we needed to go inside (which is highly unusual)

And you can bet I paid up right away

But the best thing I saw on our way was clear, blue skies to the west ... which gives me hope that this will all be gone tomorrow!!!


susette said...

I love the music you got going with this post. I'm glad I'm out East where it's warm and sunny for now. I'll be returning back to Utah though by the weekend. Could you just make it clear up by then please?

Momza said...

Hey we're getting your snow today...school has a 2 hour delay and the yahoos are sleeping in!
great pictures!

K said...

We had even more snow than that! Then, we drove to SLC in the middle of the lovely storm yesterday morning. What a fun spring break huh? At least the cocoa makes it worth it.