Saturday, May 1, 2010

Princess for Hope

So, I have this darling little sister-in-law ... really, see how cute she is:

Anyhow, she has recently become involved in two AWESOME adventures. First of all, a few months ago (maybe several now - who knows), I told her that a friend of mine was looking to hire Princess characters for her party business. My SIL signed up and is now:

Seriously - isn't she perfect? Look a little closer:

And she even gets to do this sometimes:

It has been such a fun thing in her life, I think she makes a wonderful princess. And those parties must have a lot of happy little girls by the end.

As much fun as this has been, and as good as she is at being a princess, I am even more excited to share about her second activity. She has taken it upon herself to organize a function for "HopeKids". Their mission statement is:

  •  "HopeKids provides ongoing events & activities and a powerful, unique support community for children with cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine."

I am sharing this for two reason ...

1. because I just think she is that awesome, and

2. because I am hoping anyone coming across this would have 1 or 2 dollars to donate to the cause. My SIL is doing this totally on her own. She is organizing a party for 100 very ill little girls AND their families. Most of their time is spent in hospitals and this will provide a wonderful opportunity for whole families to create lasting memories that are fun and magical.

This party is fairly costly, and any little bit that could be donated would be GREATLY appreciated. You can be assured that every cent would be used to make this a magical evening for 100 families who really need a night like that!

So ... if you have a few dollars to donate, go to   
click on  "Donate Now" on the upper menu bar
and designate the funds go to "Salt Lake Princess Party". 


Doran & Jody said...

How fun!! Yes, she is a good Princess. Good luck

Jenny said...

What that was not Cinderella? She really looks like her.