Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I Love Wednesday - My New Lens

Ok ... I am a little giddy!!!

Life has been on the hectic side, but I have still managed to steal some minutes here and there to read up on my new camera and try to learn how to use it. Well, in my internet travels I came across many (MANY) accolades for a certain lens ... and guess what ... it really is awesome. It just arrived in the mail today and I couldn't get to the backyard fast enough to start playing with it.

Now, mind you, I still need to figure out how to use my camera.
And then maybe take a class or two, but this lens is FUN!!!


So now, when my June 11 unemployment hits ... well - maybe I'll get to figuring out all of this good stuff!

For now, though, back to work!

p.s. it's a Minolta Beercan lens that is compatible with my little Sony Alpha ...
they don't make this lens anymore, but you can find them on ebay!


Chanelle said...

pretty! So what lens is it? ;) And what body do you have?

Lara said...

Well you can't just say that and not share which lens! :)

Beautiful pictures.

K said...

These photos are amazing! I so need to reinvest in a new camera. It makes me want to move it up on my priority list when I see awesome photos like this!

Jessica and Tim said...

You make my point and shoot camera look shabby. Good work!

Our Journey to Forever said...

OH Jenny, you make my pictures pale in comparison to yours! These are amazing! You are very talented!

OK, what is this about unemployment, I have missed something really big and I hope you are doing ok, if you have time, let me know.

Our Journey to Forever said...

One more thing--so funny, you went with Lucy:-).

Jenny said...

What great close ups!

Amber said...

Great photos! And I loved the Princess Event, brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE hearing about good going around so thanks for sharing!