Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Really Funny at 2:30 in the Morning

The King and I watched this stuff for an hour last night while he tried to breathe ...
stupid viruses!!!

We are new to Yo Gabba Gabba, and it looks like the King has a new little addiction.
He kept pointing at the computer saying, "Bagga Bagga".

We watched several little clips (some over and over) and laughed ourselves silly last night.
However ... it's not as funny for me now that it's morning.
Perhaps that is the affect of extreme sleepiness  {sigh} !

Anyhow, I LOVE how funny things are in the middle of the night!


Jenny said...

Sorry your little guy is suffering with a nasty virus.

I finally got to give muffin tins a try today with my Bubee. It was so much fun.

cheraf said...

Poor guy - I hope he's better soon! It's true that almost everything is funny in the middle of the night.

Hilary said...

That show drives me insane.
People thought teletubbies were bad...