Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I Love Wednesday - Online Classified Ads

NOTE: We have had some great experiences with online local classifieds, but we are VERY cautious in how we go about our business. So, although I am singing the praises of these services, know that people have been cheated, injured and even murdered ... so PLEASE be careful!

I have to say that we have been able to get some really great deals using some local online classified ad services, namely I love the deals we have made and the products we have purchased, but we have also had some interesting experiences along the way.

Here are a few:

When we moved the girls into their new bedroom, we needed a window covering. I shopped around and couldn't find the right thing, until I saw these lovely little curtains (on craigslist) that used ALL of the same colors I had in their quilts ... what a winner!

This summer we decided it was time to make sure we could all go biking together ... so we ordered a brand new lovely pink cruiser from the local bike shop. Turns out the pink bike was on backorder and we wouldn't be able to get a date until JULY!!!  That timeline didn't work for me. So we turned to and found a great bike that actually came with a baby seat attached!!! ROCK ON! And the dark orange color matches me very well, I think.

We also thought we would want a bike trailer for the two little boys if we wanted to go on a longer ride. So, we found one for sale in a lovely little town and figured that even though it was a little ways away, it would be a beautiful drive and a great outing for our family. Well, it was all that, and MORE. The family we bought the bike trailer from had horses and let our kids ride them a bit before we left. SCORE ... great deal on bike trailer, beautiful drive and free horse rides!!!

And now I am on a mission to beautify a few rooms in our home, but our home beautification budget is pretty low. So, when I realized that two comfy recliners would work really well in our TV nook, I turned right to and found a pair of these, only a year old and in really good condition. Let the makeover begin!!!

But Bert has the best story of all!!! He is constantly shopping for basses ... it's his hobby, his stress relief, his sanity. One day he went and played a blue bass he saw on He has been looking for the perfect blue bass for years, but hasn't quite found THE ONE. He went down to Provo to play the blue bass pictured below (that very one) and came back telling me that the guy who owns this bass is the bassist for a really great band.

Well, the bass didn't work for Bert and the guy ended up keeping it. Which was a good thing, because it obviously is sounding good enough to get his band on the Jay Leno show.

Have you heard of the Neon Trees?

(yes, that's the guy and his blue bass on Jay Leno)

If you haven't heard them before, take a listen. I really like them!

Anyhow, happy shopping out there ... but, BE CAREFUL. Trust your gut and watch out for scammers!

Here's to finding all those perfect little treasures you are searching for.
(and hopefully meeting some really cool people in the process)


Jenny said...

We love KSL.Com, we have had such wonderful luck also. Yet we are very careful and I never do anything with out my Hubby.

We have even sold a car on, we put it up and had it sold with in 4 hours.

I have bought 2 recliners, a leather sofa and dinning table from off of KSL.

Love that you found curtains! They are very nice.

Julie W said...

I love the bike!!!

Amy said...

Your forgot to mention your car purchase from an online bidding company...we still talk about the bravery and luck with that one!

Scott and Sara said...

I love KSL! I love all the things you have gotten too. Those curtains?? PERFECT!!
Bike=so cute!
chairs= can I come over and watch a movie in one?