Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Doctor a Day ...

Keeps the Apples Away!

Whew ... it has been a week, and then some. We have been in hospitals and doctors' office solid for a week. Fortunately, we haven't been actually hospitalized in the process.

We are still in a bit of limbo as to the condition of our little Thing 2, but after meeting with a specialist yesterday, my anxiety has been reduced dramatically. It looks like a long recovery ahead of her, but we are sooooooo grateful for the prospect of recovery.

Anyhow, the week has basically gone like this ...

 From having a fever and feeling crummy last Wednesday and Thursday:

To a flu diagnosis on Friday:

To a strep diagnosis on Saturday:

To "We have NO idea" from the ER on Sunday:

To "Let's wait for more lab work on Monday":

To more labs, doctor visits, and mild bursts of energy throughout the rest of the week!

I just need to say thanks to all the prayers that have been sent our way and to the great help given by our family, friends and neighbors. It's been chaotic, and it probably will be for a bit longer, but we are so blessed to have so many good people in our lives to help along the way.

One thing I am learning through this process is that I need to take a class on dealing with stressful situations ... I am already anxiety-prone, so when you add stress - I am a basket case!!!

I have also learned that I have an amazing daughter who can take on life's challenges with sweetness and grace ... oh wait ... I already knew that!

So now, the waiting game.

Bless her heart!


D & C Larson said...

Oh my goodness! What is going on up there?! I am so glad that she is doing better. Let me know if there is anything I can do ok?

Love you!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I will keep praying. Glad she is doing better.

Julie W said...

I feel so disconnected from you! I wish we were there to help out, and get the story, we are thinking of you!

Jessica and Tim said...

I hear you my friend and I understand what you're going through. Watching kids be sick is so hard. My thoughts are with you!

Sheri Wojtasek said...

Oh my.....I don't have my computer for a few days and WHAM I miss out on a lot! I sure hope Thing 2 gets tip top shape soon! If we can do anything please let me know! And "C" is praying for Thing 2! HUGS!

My Family My Forever said...

I am very high stress too, and have very, very bad anxiety. So, I do sympathize with you in a very big way.

After reading your newer posts I am so happy for you that she is doing better and getting well.

I hope she is completely well soon and you are resting better too.

Forgot this above, but also glad your little one had a healthier happier bday this year!

cheraf said...

Oh, I've been thinking about her and all of you so much lately. I'm sorry I haven't called - I wasn't sure if it would be a good time yet. I'm so happy to hear that she's getting better and I will call you! Still praying for her (and you)!