Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise ...

Today I babysat for a friend of mine who was taking her baby to the doctor. Our kids just have a fabulous time together and it is always fun to welcome them into our home. It is also fairly chaotic ... with 7 kids running around all crazy, you just learn to sit back and relax and enjoy it all anyway.

After the doctor appointment she stayed for a while so that I could cuddle her precious baby. It was a great visit, I got to hold a baby, my kids were entertained, we all ate lunch together (thanks to her making a little stop on the way home) ... it was all good.

Then I received this message from her later that day:

"Hey Jenny,

So if I was the mother of only one child...I would have thought that play date was disasterous (sp?)! ;o) I would have been so embarrassed that

1) my child hit your child on the head and made him bleed

2) my child peed on your bathroom floor

3) my child let your dog out

4) my children destroyed some other part of your house without us knowing

But....I am now the mother of 4 and I enjoyed our visit instead and was not embarrassed by my beautiful crazies!

Thanks for having us!"
I guess that just sums it ALL up ... you just really seem to accept a certain amount of chaos when there are lots of little ones around.

And that is just another day in MY paradise!


Jenny said...

I love the note from your friend. It really reflects how I might have felt at one time.

Tia Langston said...

Oh---I forgot to mention that my baby-crazy shared some spit-up with your shoulder too! We love you guys! Thanks for humoring me.

Amber said...

I love the note. It reminds me that I need to stop sweating the small stuff and not be so uptight. That is a skill that my personality tries to fight off!

cheraf said...

I was just going to ask if that note was from Tia - she's so amazing! You are both amazing moms!