Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Did You Know You Have a Really Big Zit on Your Nose?"

And that was the opening line of an interesting conversation I had with a 10 year old boy yesterday while I was helping at my kids' school.

(And for those who need a visual, here is the topic of the conversation in all it's glory.)

This is how the rest of the conversation played out:

Me: "Well, actually, it's more of a mole-like thing, not a zit."

Boy: "Did you know that you could get it taken off?"

Me: "Yes, I've thought about that, but it would require surgery and that is kind of painful."

Boy: "It's not that bad, you just need anesthesia."

Me: "That would help a lot, but it is also very expensive." (referring to the surgery)

Boy: "I can get you some anesthesia for free. My dad's a _____________ and my mom's a ______________. I can get anesthesia anytime I want."   (identifying information removed for obvious reasons)

Me: "That's very interesting."

Boy: "Sure I can hook you up, just let me know."

Me: "Thank you for the offer."

Boy: "See, I have had surgery and it wasn't bad, look at my scars." (shows me a few scars)

Me: "Wow, that must have been painful." (obviously not getting the point of this conversation yet)

Boy: "Nope, I didn't feel a thing, you just need good anesthesia."

At that point I had to get the kids down to the gym ... but it looks like I now have a friend in the anesthesia business!!!

Who knows, maybe I should have taken him up on his offer!!!


Tracey said...

Oh, kids are too funny. I'll have to keep you in mind next time I need some that you have a connection and all;)

So I have a random question for you. How did you create the tabs on the top of your blog? I've attempted to do something similar...and failed.

K said...

This is hilarious. You never know when you're going to need someone to hook you up with some anesthesia:) You've made a friend in deed.

Gosfam said...

kids say the darndest things is so true, and I love how a little too open and too honest kids can be :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It's good to know you have friends with access.

Jessica and Tim said...

Darn funny kids. That's hilarious.

Jason and Audrey said...

makes me laugh and laugh! He just wanted to be helpful, that;s for sure! Reminds me of the time when Sierra wanted to be helpful (she was 4 years younger than she is now) and she was at our house playing and said, as I was covered up, but nursing: "I don't think he likes that!" (cuz he was 'wrestling'--you know how babies sometimes do. I laughed and laughed. she just wanted to help!)

Tulsi said...

I had a mole removed from my neck. If they send it in to be checked for cancer, insurance pays for it. If you have insurance. My brother had a mole removed from under his eye and he did the same thing. Just an FYI

Susan Neal said...

That is hillarious! You're gorgeous by the way!