Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat


The Halloween Fun started early this year! I got to go to The Boy's class party - and I brought the Toilet Paper Mummy game with me. It was a big hit - especially when all the TP ended up on the floor and was attacked like a pile of leaves - absolute chaos - but the best kind possible.

And The King was my trusty assistant for it all - except for when he wandering through the school unattended - YIKES!

And the girls made sugar skulls in their classes - pretty fun!

Grandpa stopped by ... he forgot to put on his costume.

And here they are ready to go trick or treating!

Guess who decided to boycott Halloween this year ...

We have Mario:

And some sort of scary vampire/witch thing:

And a gypsy:

We didn't put Mario's mustache on until we were actually going out the door - cute eh?

And our little boycotter ... not much candy made it to the stroller though!

Despite the rain, and the boycotting - we had a fantastic TIME ... can't wait for next year!

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Lara said...

Love Halloween! And it definitely looks like you did have a fantastic time...I am especially in love with the mustache! :)