Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Love Wednesday - Simplicity

I love Simplicity!

I haven't always, but as I make my way through life, I am seeing the beauty of keeping it simple. I have been one to take on the big projects and make them even bigger. I have been one to agonize over the miniscule details. I have found joy and satisfaction in what I have done, but have also been burdened with undo stress at times. So, I am (for now) embracing the Simple.

Simple is good.
Simple is doable.
Simple doesn't make me crazy.
Simple takes care of the necessities.
Simple keeps my husband happy.
Simple makes more time for my kids.
Simple is usually even kind of cute.
Simple is clean.
Simple is easy-going.
Simple is refreshing.
Simple is joyful.
Simple is satisfying!

Here's to simplifying, and enjoying the process.


Ashley said...

Her's to simplifying!

Jenny said...

simple has always been my favorite word.

Julie W said...

Thanks for introducing me to Simplify in Primary, I now LOVE to use this concept daily.