Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Chronicles of Disneylandia ... (Day 2)

Our second day started with a bit of pain in my neck (and by a bit, I mean that I couldn't move it one way or the other and was walking around like a 90 year old woman). So we ran to the drug store, bought some hot patches and got on the road - we had a lot of driving to do that day!

Our first stop was The Mad Greek - we've passed the signs before, this time we had to stop.

After filling up and taking care of all sorts of necessities - we were on the road again.

And before we knew it, we were seeing marvelous signs!

The unfortunate this is that we didn't grab our road map in our rush out the door, and the signs don't point you to Anaheim. So, before we knew it, we were stopping for gas, a map, and a potty break (ewww) in Whittier - it was interesting to say the least. (Just for the record - it isn't a real road trip for us if we don't end up taking the LONG way to get there - and we stayed true to form!) Thankfully, we made our way to the hotel. As soon as we arrived we bathed and pajamed the kids and were getting ready for bed when Thing 2 started spewing everything out of her. Poor thing. We weren't sure if it was the food at the Mad Greek, or that she was carsick, or just sick. But she couldn't stay away from the toilet - and in the middle of all that, the big Disneyland fireworks show started. Poor Thing 2 was just curled up on the bed or the bathroom floor while the other kids were enjoying the fireworks. And it was quite a show - it kept going and going and going.

And those kids that got to watch it didn't really know what to think - it was a long, big, lovely display. And having it all framed in palm trees - well that was pure delight in my book!

The show ended and we finally settled in and got to sleep. Thankfully Thing 2 was able to sleep through the night without any more trips to the bathroom. We were hoping she would be well enough for a trip to the magic kingdom in the morning!

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