Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Tribute

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How about love at first taste?

That was the case for my love affair with Nutella that began on January 17, 1996!
(Yes, I can remember the date CLEARLY!)

I had just arrived in Spain as a missionary. My sweet companion at the time, AhhhhNette (there's a story behind that), had me taste some while I was getting settled into our apartment. I was a little skeptical, I have to admit ... chocolate on bread? Who could even conceive of the idea? But, I had made a rule for myself before going to Spain that I would try every food item offered to me, at least once. So, kindly, I took a little nibble. And then another, and then another. And then I asked for a second. And then I bought my own jar the next time we went to the store. And then I had Nutella with my breakfast almost every single day I was in Spain.

And then I came home, and Nutella was not as easily accessible here (back in 1997). Thankfully, VERY THANKFULLY, the product has made it's way into our commerce - hallelujah!

Well, today I heard the news that the CEO of Nutella (part of a HUGE family business - Ferraro Rocher anyone - YUM), died yesterday. I think that it is appropriate to pay tribute to him, and his family ... so I whipped up a batch of:

Yes, Nutella Crepes! Not our typical after school snack, but we needed to do something special today.

So, here's to the Famiglia Ferrero ... my heart (and tastebuds) goes out to them.

Bless you all!

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Doran & Jody said...

My hubby likes Nutella. He puts peanut butter on first and then a layer of Nutella.

For me, that is too rich for my blood. I will stick to PB and honey. Or just honey.

Now CREPES!!! I would love me some of these!!