Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Chronicles of Disneylandia ... (Day 4)

We woke up ready and raring to go on Tuesday. We started off with breakfast at the hotel (which I must say was pretty decent - saved us a TON of $ by not having to eat at the park). We were feeling good and ready for some big rides, so we went to California Adventure first thing.

First things first - we got our Fast Passes for the Color Wonder light show thingy ... we were told that was a MUST! Then, we met up with some old friends ... (they couldn't keep their paws off the kids' hair).

And then it was off to the 3D Bugs Life Adventure ... love that little butterfly - I try to get it every time!

And then it was off for some serious riding ... (okay the kid rides first, but the girls were ready for the big stuff - so after hitting every ride in a Bug's Life, we were on the road to bigger and better things). But even if the girls claimed to be a little bored with the kiddie rides - I still caught some smiles on their faces. And the Boys - oh, the boys were in heaven - and you can tell!

They had so much fun that the King (soon to be renamed The Tyrant) just knocked right out. While he slept Bert took the girls on some of the BIG rides, they couldn't get enough of the big coaster and the rapids ride.

We loved soaring over California, and getting an amazing HIGH score at Toy Story Mania, and taking a few more rides on the rapids. And, as it turned out, we shared a raft on the rapids ride with a couple staying at our hotel (as we found out the next morning at breakfast).

Then, we headed over to the Tower of Terror - why? I still don't know. But The Boy enjoyed the army guys who stopped right there to do a little show for the crowd. And that would be the highlight of our venture to that side of the park!

I think I can safely say that this is the WORST RIDE EVER!!!

I don't love this, I don't think I will ever go on this again.

It was simply just horrifying, and all I can remember is holding on to my two precious girls the whole time so that I could make sure they were still in their seats and not floating over DLand.

Free fall things and I just don't mix!

With the disappointment of that horrific ride, the girls just had to go on the big coaster one more time. And since I hadn't been on it yet, I took them. Bert hung out with the boys while we hurried to take in one more ride, as it was getting to be close to sunset and we would want to get dinner before hitting the big water/light show.

Well, we enjoyed the coaster tremendously and got off to find Bert with a very sad little boy. The King had thrown up all he owned all over the midway there by the exit to the roller coaster. And when I say everything, I really do mean EVERYTHING! Poor kid - he was miserable and he couldn't stop - stuff just kept coming up even when it didn't seem that there could be any more. We strolled him to a quiet corner where there weren't many people so that we could get him cleaned up. And while we were getting him more settled I thought I could hear that familiar, awful sound of more vomit. Sure enough, there was The Boy, unloading all he owned right there in our quiet little corner. Holy COW!!! Have you ever seen the Barf-o-rama scene in "Stand By Me"? Seriously disgusting, but one of my favorite movie scenes of all time - I guess that says a lot about me - oh well - I am what I am. Anyhow - that kept playing in my head, which was good, because it helped me kind of step outside of the situation and laugh a little instead of losing my mind, or my lunch!

So now the task was just to get people to stop vomiting long enough to make it back to the hotel. First Bert set out looking for some Customer Service to 1. Let them know about the new piles of "stuff" that would need to be attended to (oh, that has got to be one of the more unfortunate duties - cleaning up vomit at the happiest place on earth), and 2. ask where we could find a taxi.

So, with the vomiting on pause for a bit, we set out to get to a taxi. I am pretty sure we walked just about as far to get the taxi as we would have walked to get to our hotel. But hey, now the kids can add taxi ride to their list of things they have done!

We made it back to the hotel, got the boys bathed and pajamed and the worked on getting those tummies settled for the night. And the good news is that they were ready for bed pretty soon and the vomiting came to a stop ... for them!

Once things were settled, I found a little Italian Restaurant close by and ordered Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salads and bread. I gave the fellow on the phone a bit of a heart attack when he asked for my name, as it very CLOSELY resembles a Hollywood A-lister when said quickly. He stuttered a little, I could feel his blood pressure climbing, and I totally knew what was happening. Then I cleared up the mix-up and let him know that he should not be expecting a visit from her:

Oh, it's never fun to disappoint in that way, but he took it well. And, just for the record, the food was good, much better than we would have had on the park, and for about half the price - YAY for that!

We gobbled it all up, got everyone else ready for bed and just when we thought we were finally getting settled in, hoping that we would be rested and ready for another day at DLand tomorrow, guess who had to join in on the fun ...

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JennyLynn said...

AGH! No fun throwing up at the Magic Kingdom.