Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chronicles of Disneylandia ... (Day 6)

Sure enough ... Day 6 brought the sickies to one more member of our family. Thing 1 woke up feeling fine, but right after breakfast she realized she was not fine. She spent the morning puking and spitting and just laying on the bed. But sadly, we had to be out of our room by 11 am and we couldn't check into our San Diego room until 3 pm.

So, we packed everything up, parked in the DLand parking garage and went in for a few more hours of whatever we could manage!

The Boy tried to get into the Jedi training camp, but they didn't pick him - clearly the stars were not in our favor today.

But Thing 2 was in top form and wanted to ride a few of the things we missed on our first day there - like the Tea Cups and Space Mountain. So we zipped around to the few other rides we were hoping to get on, enjoying a few more moments of DLand before we said goodbye for who knows how long (it had been 5 years since our last visit).

And my sweet Thing 1 just sat in the stroller with her head down, spitting all that excess spit into plastic baggies. What a pathetic picture, don't you think? The King passed out, Thing 1 wishing to just be in bed and Bert pushing them both around still feeling like garbage. But he insisted on doing the pushing as he said it actually helped him stay upright!

Now, just for the record - we were washing our hands and staying away from things while we were there, we knew it probably wasn't the most responsible thing we have ever done, but since we probably spread more sick germs on Monday and Tuesday before realizing we were sick, I didn't feel too terrible about going there after the fact and being a million times more careful!

But, energy was not on our side, so after a few short hours at the park, we were ready to roll on down the highway and check into our new home. The best part is that despite the illness that hit our family, we were able to take in the most of DLand that we ever had. The lines were short, the weather was PERFECT and we literally rode ever ride we wanted except for Splash Mountain which was closed. So, no complaints and no feeling jipped - it was definitely good enough.

And so we bid adieu to the proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth and headed for the actual happiest place on earth just an hour or so south! We found our new hotel without any trouble and checked right in. We were so happy to find out that the hotel not only had a full hot breakfast served daily, but they also served a complimentary dinner Monday through Thursday nights - and it was a Thursday night right then - YAY!

So we had our free grilled burgers and sides and then settled into our room for some much needed rest (especially for Bert and Thing 1). Again, going to bed with the hope that tomorrow would bring some much needed recuperation and healing for our family.

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