Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chronicles of Disneylandia ... (Day 8)

Day 8 and were still weren't feeling great - well - just Bert. Everyone else seemed to be okay. We had tickets for Sea World and so we packed up and headed toward the ocean. I had never been, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I can tell you, it was nothing like I expected. But I must factor in that we were there on a Saturday and so was half of Southern California. And since crowds and I just don't get along super well - that surely contributed to the fact that Sea World did not impress.

But we had been spoiled by an incredible few days at DLand and the Zoo - so, I guess something had to be subpar!

Anyhow - we pushed through the crowds and avoided the food lines and made it into the Orca show - which was the highlight of the day. I guess I was expecting to be able to see more of this, so the one show, about 30 minutes long, was fabulous, and then it was over. And then we realized there was nothing else for us to see at Sea World, so we left.

But, the Orca show was beautiful, and I did capture a little bit of it (okay - I took about 100 photos during the show - but these were my faves):

After Sea World we drove around San Diego looking for two things - gas and dinner. We found both and as it was still in the afternoon, we sent poor Bert (who was probably down 15 pounds by this point in time) and The King back to the suite to rest. I grabbed the kids and headed for Solana Beach.

We spent a few hours there. And as the sun set, we warmed up on a rock, gathered our belongings and headed back to the suite, hoping that The King hadn't wandered away while Bert was sleeping.

Sure enough, we got there and all was well. BUT, just for the record, The King did try to get out. Thankfully Bert was able to keep him in the room. We then sprinted down to the pool where we found out that we live 10 minutes away from the family we were sharing the hot tub and pool with - small world.

Then it was back to the room for showers and to start getting ready for the ride home - sigh!!!

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Sheri Wojtasek said...

Great pics Jenny!!! Loved reading about all your "adventures"!!!