Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Eensie Weensie Spider

It was one of those typical Utah spring days - the morning started off with 3 new inches of snow followed by a warm, sunny afternoon. Outside you could hear the snow melting, quickly. There was dripping from the trees and bushes in the yard, the playset, the roof - everywhere there had been snow was just dripping. The Boy (our 2 year old son) was quiet as a mouse - that's when I know it is time to go looking.

I wandered around the yard until I came to the back corner of the house. There he sat on a small mound of dirt (dare I say mud at this point in time) staring intently at the water pouring out of the rain gutter to the ground. I asked him what he was doing and in that pure, innocent, perfect way kids do, he answered, "I'm looking for the spider."

He had sat there for quite some time waiting for his friend, the eensie weensie spider, to come out. He was hoping to see it where the rain would have washed him out of the water spout. We watched for a few minutes - but there was no spider. He was going to have to content himself with the ones we find in the basement - there's always some down there!

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Chanelle Jones said...

That is absolutely the sweetest thing I have every heard! Thanks for sharing!