Monday, April 14, 2008

Warm Day - Yeah!!!

Yeah - it was a warm day! The kids have been outside all afternoon - the Boy almost all day. I have baked some YUMMY Chocolate Oat Squares and we are going to our friends' home for dinner and FHE. We got the good end of that deal - they are providing dinner, we are providing the lesson and I am bringing the treat just for fun. It has just been a pleasant day and it's so good to sit back, let out a nice, content "sigh" and listen to the birds, wind chimes, and the children playing. They are anxious to get to our dinner party - thank heavens they can go run around in the back yard until then. And hopefully they will work up some healthy appetites before we go.

FYI - the recipe for the Chocolate Oat Squares can be found on Becky Higgins' website - she has a section for recipes - many of which look super yummy! (

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