Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Favorite Child

Okay, okay - I can hear the horror in your response ... "What? How can you have a favorite child?" Well, in the interest of fairness, we let the kids take turns being the favorite.

Right now it is Thing 2!

She just saved our family THOUSANDS of dollars and I think that is very deserving of being named the favorite child, even if only for a few hours.

So how did she save us from a financial crisis? Just as we were getting ready to rush her off to Kindergarten, trying to do hair, eat lunch, pack a backpack and manage The Boy, she comes tromping through the kitchen looking for me, tracking mud all along the way. In frustration I (much too firmly) asked her why on earth was she muddy. Quickly I shooed her out to get the shoes on the back porch and started sweeping and wiping down my newly mopped kitchen floor --- aargh!

Then she came back in, this time just in socks, and was persistant enough to let me know what had just happened. Of course, I was still fuming about the mud. (When will I learn???) Thank heavens this child has a backbone. She proceeded to inform me that The Boy had turned the hose on outside (and it had been on the entire time we were doing hair and packing backpacks). In order to turn it off, she had to go through the mud, which there was quite a lot of by then.

When I finally stopped fuming about the floor and realized what had happened, I apologized for my tantrum and thanked her for finding that problem and taking care of it. Had she not noticed the hose being on, it could have run for several hours before I noticed (as there is NO WAY The Boy would have informed me of this situation) and we would have had a lot of water in our basement ... translation - she averted disaster for our home and family.

She is the favorite (for right now, at least).

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