Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Memorable Face

Now, I just love this face! Perhaps because he is my little guy and perhaps because he looks so much like my dad, or maybe those big old eyes. But nose and all - I love this face, so to me it is memorable!

But to find out that perfect strangers remember brief interactions with him really caught me off guard. Yesterday we were at the park when a lady said to me that she remembered seeing us in the Emergency Room last fall (we're talking 6 months ago) - because she remembered The Boy! She was there with her husband and we were there with The Boy - trying to figure out if he had indeed consumed a bunch of Tylenol Cold medicine tablets. (Which we are pretty sure he didn't - but wanted to make SURE.) Our wait in the ER was not very long - but he obviously made an impression.

That was his second visit to the ER - the first was for stitches which you can see in the picture. Ahhhhh ... memories!

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