Thursday, April 24, 2008


Now, I consider myself a reasonably patient person, but I am really starting to lose it!!! When is spring going to come? Our tulips are popping out, the hyacinths have almost finished up their spring performance and we can hardly get out to enjoy it all because of the weather. My brother might be happy about it - but, Eric, you are on your own, the rest of us are ready for the sunshine! Ready and waiting!

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ewfunk said...

The mountain is closed hiked it yesterday. Damn I'm old and slow. The rivers are blown out and it is best to leave the trout alone and let them find their way to spawn.
Going up sunday and monday to try my luck at some steelheading.
Took the bike out today and froze. Sat in the hot springs for an hour to get the body temp back up. The high was 46 not good on two wheels. enough said.

Missing your and family and deb and mom.

Be seeing you soon.